At SEASALT we are specialists in imagining and conceptualizing what has not been done before. We like challenges and to address them we deepen our knowledge and use the latest technologies.


Leading the creation of a technological ecosystem for the digitalization of knowledge of health personnel globally in a medium and long-term project that incorporates technological innovations in areas such as Web 3.0, Big Data, Mixed Reality, Volumetric Video, New Interfaces, Speech Synthesis and NLP.

To achieve this, SEASALT has created the first platform that constitutes a hub of the health ecosystem: students, residents, health professionals, training companies and industry (pharmaceuticals, manufacturers and distributors of medical devices and consumables).


Accompany future health professionals, designed collaboratively, the tools that continuous advances in diagnostic and therapeutic areas will demand for the continuous improvement of patient care and their own well-being.

Medical training is complex and existing general training solutions are not adapted to this complexity. SEASALT wants to fill this gap.